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Computer repairs

How to repair a damaged computer

Taisykla7 performed by a professional computer repairs, renovation/upgrading and other services:

  • Laptop repair
  • Specialised repair of Apple iMac and MacBook computers
  • Repair of stationary computers
  • Tablet repair
  • DELL, ASUS, HP, Acer and other manufacturers' computers specialised repairs
  • Virus cleaning
  • Repair of video panels
Disassembling and diagnosing a laptop when the computer won't turn on

We always carry out an initial diagnosis within 1 working day before repairs. Need more detailed information? Contact us.

If you have home insurance or the appliance is insured, we can issue a defect certificate to the insurance company.

laptops for repair

Computer repair price list

Computer fault finding (diagnostics)5 €
Overwriting the operating system without storing data (music, audio and video)25 €
Overwriting the operating system with data storage (music, audio and video)30 €
Cooling system upgrades (dust cleaning, thermoplastic replacement)From 25 €
Repair of a broken hull (or replacement of individual hull parts)From 25 €2 months.
Repair/replacement of a broken or otherwise defective charging socketFrom 25 €2 months.
Computer acceleration/improvement (RAM increase, hard disk drive change from mechanical to high-speed SSD, application optimisation, etc.)From 15 €From 6 months.
Replacing the screen (matrix) of a laptop (usually after breakage, splashing liquids, etc., not including the cost of parts)From 10 €2 months.
Laptop keyboard replacement (usually after wiping liquids, breaking buttons, etc., not included in the cost of parts)From 10 €2 months.
Replacement of a hard disk drive (HDD or SSD) (usually to increase capacity/speed or in case of bad sectors or other malfunctions, not including the cost of parts).From 10 €2 months.
Motherboard repair/replacement (usually after a power surge, splashing of liquids on the computer, severe bumping, etc.)From 40 €2 months.
Video chip/chip/chip replacement/repairFrom 40 €2 months.
Computer defect certificate for the insurance company (paid by the insurance)25 €2 months.
Computer preparation and certificate to prison25 €

Computer repair services

Our computer repair services cover everything from A to Z.

  • Computer virus, malware and spyware removal
  • Replacing and upgrading parts for desktop and laptop computers
  • Configuring and setting up email applications
  • Installation of various applications, antivirus installation
  • Replacing laptop screens
  • Microsoft Windows installation, data preservation
  • Apple Macbook and iMac software and hardware repair
  • Assembling gaming computers, selecting computers for individual needs
  • Internet, network, portable network settings, printer setup
  • Windows repair, garbage collection, restoration
  • Other computer repairs
stationary computers for repair

Need computer repairs? Contact us contact.

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